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Report - DO 17 found in Goodwin Sands - Sept 2010


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wasn't quite sure where to post this, it's military related so I thought here would do.

Just watched my local news and they ran a report on a Dornier 17 that's been discovered on Goodwin sands. Apparently they are going to raise it as it's been remarkably well preserved.

would love to be involved in something like that

bit more info here;

http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/london/news/article.cfm?headline=W W 2 Bomber on Goodwin Sands

or possibly here but the Sun reports it as a Nazi 'jet'! (durr);


I was thinking the other day about the number of buried planes there must be dotted around, stories say apparently there's a fighter in a forest near to us (Friston) but I've never heard more than that (as a kean mountain biker I know the forest well but have never come accross it!). Interestingly where I live in East Sussex there are bomb craters all over the countryside as damaged Luftwaffe planes would regularly release bombs to drop weight and aid speed before the hop over The Channel.