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Report - Dock Crane (Isle of dogs) -- London -- May 2011


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I had always been intrigued by the dock cranes in and around London and so inspired by Kevin Arnolds report last year from the Royal Victoria Docks, my attention turned to 3 I had seen and driven past every week for the last 4 years. Since the report, I had constantly been putting them off for other 'bigger' things until one night this week I decided they probably deserve some attention.

One of 3 cranes on West India Millwall Docks on the isle of dogs was the target and after a quick fence scale the middle one was selected as the climbing frame of choice. One away from the road and one away from Port of London Authority buildings. To stop people from climbing these structures the ladders had been chopped from the floor to near enough the top which meant a 30ft free climb was needed to get up.... all the while being lit up like a christmas tree and blinded from the floodlights below. I'm a lover all all things high and silly but even the ladders on this had me worried a few times. Plenty of corrosion and wobbly handrails all round :eek:

Spent an hour or so climbing all over it and to my surprise the door to the cabin was open too. Only one pic from here as it was to tight to get any good photos and the translucent windows would have turned the crane into a beacon if i had attempted any light painting. :D













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