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Report - Dogger - Manchester April 2012

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After seeing Concrete Jungles report from here i was quite keen to see this place for myself, i have done a few drains/culverts but not seen anything like this before.

Thanks to CJ for pointing me in the right direction :thumb

After quite a bit of searching i went for a recce, found it so decided there was no time like the present as they say and in i went.

Well once into the first chamber i was kinda wishing i had not gone alone, in my un experienced opinion it's not the kind of place you would want to be if things went Pete Tong, modern penstocks that could be operated electronically/remotely to divert flow, and there would be some serious flow if they did, tbh i just wanted to get some shots and gtfo rapid so pics are not great.

Borrowed for CJ's report....

This CSO system serves a town to the West of Manchester and is the last overflow before the works. The system outfalls into a large storm tank with an open grid over the top. A cap over the end of the pipe controls heavy flow and prevents a good view, although an indeterminable depth of water can be seen below.

About 300m upstream of the tank is an overflow chamber, this sends storm flow to the tank until that fills, backfills the pipe and heads down 3 RCPs to outfall to a brook. I didn't bother with the stoop down these but at least one must have been an older overflow as it was brick at the outfall.

Pics .......







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