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Report - Dolphin Splashdown Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes - December 2012


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So finally I get to visit this place! Earlier this year I visited with Northern_Ninja, But we noticed it was alarmed, so decided to move on, which was a shame. 10 months later, I heard on the grapevine demolition had started so I decided to go solo!

This place brings back many memories for me as I used to swim here as a child. I remember the wave machine, the frog shaped foam floats, the siren and lights that used to sound when the wave machine was turned on, the smell of chips from the café and the two flumes, the green one I used to go on, and the red one "that only daddy could go on".

Building started in November 1989 on the 3.78 Million Pound water centre in Milton Keynes, at the time the name was to be "Over The Rainbow". The first piece of earth was turned by Councillor Bristow, marking the start of construction.

The pool was to be far more superior than it actually was, with water slides going in and out of the building, a bridge to the entrance where visitors would enter under a man made rainbow, a licensed bar and foyer area, were all promised at the time of construction, but never came about.

However, the pool was still a great family day out nonetheless, and included a 25 metre lane section for the more serious swimmers.

Save Dolphin Splashdown Facebook Group

Dolphin Splashdown, or by then it was known as Bourton Mills Health and Leisure Club closed due to a fire in 2009 and never reopened. Sainsburys have sealed the planning permission for a new store to built over the road from their brand new "Sainsburys Local" shop.

A nice relaxed explore, by no means epic, but this is no derp. Shame its been partly demo'd, and a shame a lot of it is chavved, but its got some awesome photo opportunities!

I probably haven't visited here since the mid to late 90s, it looks similar but feels much smaller.

Sad to see such a "new" place be demolished. 23 years, or technically 20 is not much for a building like this.













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"Landie" or Harry
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Silly question but this isn’t still standing is it? Lol
Hi Jordan, no question is silly as they say, and without sounding harsh, seeing as these photos show an excavator has torn half the building away 8 years ago, I have doubts of its existence :(