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Report - Double Trouble Drain, Runcorn


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28DL Full Member
Visited with Gone and Rookie.

After an unfortunate turn of events, we did not manage to see what we initially had planned in Speke and so thoughts then turned to a bit of draining, time to dust of the Lidl beasts and lucky for us we had our waders packed and ready for use. As Gone had already previously explored Double Trouble a few months back with Sui, this is where we ended up after brief explore of another drain earlier in the day.

Made up of several chambers ranging in size in between RCP's of multiple lengths and sizes, Double Trouble is home to some magnificent concrete staircases with a regular flow of water. Some are set out within the concrete features of the drain, others are encased within the brickwork further along allowing for the waters flow to continue to the outfall with ease.

It has to be said that I was very much surprised with what Runcorn had to offer and how clean it was compared to others we had previously looked at. After roughly an hour underground, we had taken enough pictures to be satisfied with and popped a manhole to call it a day.







Cheers for looking, Jimmy :thumb
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