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Report - Dreadnaught (Malago Stormwater Interceptor), Bristol - Oct 2013


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I haven't seen a report on this for quite a while and I know this has been done to death but as I am getting more and more into underground shenanigans I thought see what it's all about.

Nicknamed Dreadnaught, the Malago Storm Water Interceptor, is a large concrete drain/culvert that was constructed in order to prevent flooding in southern Bristol as it used to be prone to flooding. Dreadnaught takes the flow of the river malago and one of its tributaries, Pigeonhouse stream, into the river Avon. With its inception, the chances of flooding were gone.
The first thing we encountered during our descent were several pigeons. One was hellbent on escaping on our arrival but he just kept hitting the concrete and my head at one point!

Past the pigeons:


We pressed on to the other end passing several junctions to the Southern Foul water Interceptor. The tunnel I believe is around 2 miles in length.

At the other end:





One WhoDaresWins and one Seffy staring into the abyss:


Around this point we were pretty sure that the water level was rising. It was a mostly dry day in Bristol but I don't think we checked the weather further afield. I know there was more to see but we decided to make our excuses and leave. When we got back to the other it didn't appear to be any deeper in the tunnel luckily. However, the river Avon was now dead level with the water exiting the tunnel! But we were at our exit point so no worry really.

I enjoyed Dreadnaught. Now, the Motherload next, hopefully!

Thanks for reading.​
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