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Report - - Drummuir ROC Post, Aberdeen Group, - 12/03/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Drummuir ROC Post, Aberdeen Group, - 12/03/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this last night with Bryag - cheers for the driving mate :thumb

Once again, Cavwheel's Satnav POIs did the trick :thumb

Found a lot of mud before we got to this one, but when we did we were pleased to see it was only locked on the T-bar.

Inside, it was a stripped a post as I've seen - everything was gone, even the doors :crazy

Apart from that it was in good shape, very dry too.

The only remaining features :(


Even the Balance weight had been rmoved, and was in the post itself :crazy


It appeared to have been used for a few bevvies now and then, although the latest BBE date was back in 1996...


On the way out, as is now becoming traditional for us, tasty carpet :D


The Aircraft Observation Post was in good shape, and found this inside :


Most of my pics were gash, Bryag has some goodies which I'm sure will be along shortly :D


Re: Drummuir ROC Post, Aberdeen Group, - REPORT - 12/03/08

Nice one Zimbob:thumb

Sadly I cannot add much to this, as there is not much else to add. What a stripped post:(

1 outside

1 in

I am glad we saw it, it was a warm and dry post.

Zimbob did not mention the counterweight must have fallen on the sump grate as it had a MASSIVE dent in it. (as I am sure did Zimbob's head, after my Gerber fell on it- sorry mate:p)

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