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Report - Dyson Thermal Technologies, Sheffield (again) November, 2013


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Visited with haylie.

this is my first report, and first real time of trying to master a camera :confused. hope you enjoy
After a massive fail trying to find this place ending up at the wrong end of sheffield and running out of fuel, we gave it another go. was a horrible day to start, chucking it down all morning, then as soon as we got there the sun came out and had a very enjoyable look around a pretty nice place!

The company was founded by John Dyson who began mining clay and making bricks in the early 1800s. From the very beginning the business was a success. The 1834 Sheffield trade directory lists - “John Dyson - Brick Maker, Stanningtonâ€￾ which indicates that he ran the business on his own. However, by 1838 the business was listed as “John Dyson and Son - Black clay miners and firebrick manufacturers, Griffs House, Stannington.

Dyson’s were manufacturers of Refractory material, ceramics for the steel industry, they also produce fire backs and other household ceramic bricks for the likes of Aga's etc. They have also been known to sell clay for use in Well Dressings.

Unfortunately Dyson’s traditional manufacturing process relied heavily on gas fired kilns. With increased in energy costs the plants was no longer economically viable, despite the very best efforts of the management and staff alike the site closed around 2005.

The high performance niche products in Dyson’s range are still available and are the cornerstone in Dyson’s progression. The company have a wholly owned manufacturing facility in Tianjin, PRC which produces is high quality products.