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Report - Eagle House Crane, London, October 2011


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28DL Full Member
I'd never gotten around to visiting this hi-rise while it was going up. Then for whatever tedious economic or financial reasons, construction suddenly halted. Eagle House has since remained in place, in a state of arrested development, its plectrum head popping over the rooftops with a toothless grin for me every now and then, whenever I found myself around Shoreditch: a once-interesting corner of London that has now completed its transition into being the undisputed bell-end capital of the universe. The 'goldilocks' complex which affects these sorts of projects (ie you're either too early, too late, or right on time for the golden mean of easy access to maximum altitude) seemed to have been diluted a bit when it became clear that Eagle House development had been stalled in its tracks. This also meant that the seeming urgency of the situation was similarly deflated, I stopped worrying about when and how I was going to do it, and then for the most part I forgot it even existed.

That was until recently, when I found myself, for my own economic and financial reasons, walking past the building on a twice-daily basis. Memory stirred, my interest was once again piqued. Interest hardened into resolve when I did Gambier House just down the street and so a couple of nights later after an easy-win and an annoying fail/deferral, I popped along there with Oliver GT in the early hours of the morning. Conditions were mild and misty, and although City Road was thronging with all the human wreckage of the weekend, it was, as usual, peaceful and serene up in the metal aerie, isolated from the garbage and the traffic in the streets below. It's simply very nice to get up high and the opportunities for doing so in London are seemingly inexhaustible...










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