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Report - East Coast Pill Boxes June 13


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I was in Skipsea the other day on the east coast between Hornsea and Bridlington, while looking over the fields i saw something that looked like it could do with a closer look.
To be honest it wasnt much more than an old WW2 pillbox, but as i looked across the next field there was another one, and another, so a bit of googling and i found these pill boxes run all the way up the east coast from Grimston right upto Scarborough, there are hundreds of them, all ranging from between 300m to 800m apart, if anyones intrested in pill boxes head my way we have loads to go round, some have gone due to coastal erosion, but there are still loads when you look on GE, not my thing but as i was told recently, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

posted here as they are semi sunk, wasnt sure of where to post lol

A little history I found.

In May 1940, the directorate of Fortifications and Works (FW3) was set up at the War Office under the direction of Major-General G. B. O. Taylor. Its purpose was to provide a number of basic pillbox designs which could be constructed by soldiers and local labour at appropriate defensive locations.The density of construction of pillboxes in Eastern Command was one of the highest in the country – in this command the number per mile of beach was 11
The lozenge pillbox is found only in the North East of England. Lozenge pillboxes are an irregular hexagon in plan with the front and rear walls significantly longer than the others, this allows space for four forward-facing embrasures. The rear wall has two embrasures and an entrance. The four short walls each have a single embrasure. Internally, an anti-ricochet wall runs longitudinally. It was designed for infantry armed with rifles and/or light machine guns.








sorry i didnt go too far in, this one was flooded and i had the wrong shoes on


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