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Report - Eastmoor Boy's Reformatory School / Adel Training School, Leeds - March 2020


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Opened on the 2nd December, 1857, East Moor Reformatory for Boys was certified to house up to 60 convicted boys. The site was 20 acres, and had cow and pig sheds, shoemakers, smiths, and stables; among other areas, which was all built from stone quarried from the same land. There were fields in which produce was grown, and more than 40 boys were put to work in 1859.

In 1917, the site became known as Adel Training School for boys, and over 2000 boys had lived here by this point.
In 1933, the school became known as East Moor Approved School.

by 1962, 120 boys lived here, some short term, some longer. They were put to work in kitchens, building, and even local firms took the boys on for work experience. This helped to rehabilitate the boys, some of which from broken homes.

From 1974-1991, the school became a community home. Until 2003, the school was used to home Leeds Met students. The buildings have been left empty for 15 years.

The explore:
We came here knowing access was going to be uncertain, and our doubts were unfortunately correct. All buildings sealed up with metal sheeting and fenced off around the back too but still a nice place to have a wander and take some pictures.








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