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Report - Eastmoor Secure Unit - 9/6/07

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Visited with Pixielulu, Syme and Explorete.

After exploring Whittingham with Pixie, Syme and Damon, the next place was this secure unit. Pixie was following me but stupidly i took a wrong turn at the roundabout and ended up heading North rather than south :crazy . Pixie headed off to Leeds and we picked up Explorete, the satnav took us up some stupidly tight back lanes and then up a road that was tarmac for a while then turned to rubble and pot holes. The road eventualy terminated with a very old looking dry stone wall. Although the satnav still said we could proceed, the wankarsed thing! Anyway we eventually arrived and met up with Pixie again.

Top explore. There was a large court yard presumably for sports, and buildings aorund the courtyard. One of the buildings was particulry creepy, the corridoors were painted in a crap green colour with very high walls and very narrow.
On the other side was where the rooms were, on old building still, but heavily modernised inside. And also had suffred some fairly heavy fire damage.
We were just about ready to leave, when Syme pointed out that we had missed the dentists room! Probably the best part of the explore, everything intact, and the first dentists ive seen on an explore. After spending ages in here taking photos and pretinding we were dentists and paitents, we headed off.