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Report - - Elgin and Findhorn ROC posts- Morayshire Group | ROC Posts |

Report - Elgin and Findhorn ROC posts- Morayshire Group

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I have now worked out how to post photos so here goes, I went for a sunday drive with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and somehow pursuaded her to go look at these two. I went to the Elgin one first, it was pretty easy to find, unfortunately it has indeed been chavved up:wanker The access tunnel is black and it still smells strongly of smoke. I really dont understand why these idiots would want to destroy it, anyway here are the Elgin photos:-





A little about the Findhorn one, after walking around the car park area for about 30 minutes i finally found it, the hatch was open, it has been hippied up in the past but a lot of the original features are still intact, i spoke to a guy i work with and he told me him and his mates broke into it when they were younger, they chizzeled their way in!! I told him i was not impressed, It looks like someone may have been staying in it for a bit, beer kegs, sleeping mat, candles and food were laying around everywhere. bit weird, anyway here they are:-




Im going to go back soon for some better photos.:thumb
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