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Report - - Elim Church Crane, Eastbourne 09/09/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Elim Church Crane, Eastbourne 09/09/07

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I was sitting at home, going out of my mind watching 'Bottom' on TV, when I decided I needed to do something. Recently a large crane has gone up for rebuilding work on a local church, so I thought why not?


I've never done any High Stuff before so this was going to be an interesting experience. I'd already done a small recce in passing, so I knew the entrance and exit points. I slid in to the compound and as I did I caught my bag on the metal fence which made a loud noise. So I found somewhere dark to lay low for a bit to see if anyone had caught on to me. After about 30minutes, I decided it was time to make my ascent. The ladder went straight up vertically from bottom to top, with platforms intermittently on the way up, rung by rung I made my way up, stopping every so often to compose myself (Remember this is my first time), until finally I reached:





P.S. Forgive the image quality, As you would expect I was in a bit of a rush and it's a new film camera, so getting used to it.
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