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Report - Emirie Hospital Kuwait

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First bit of URBEX for some years! Next door to a site I am working on there is an abandoned hospital. I had an hour or two spare last night and took the chance to do a little explore. I don't know how long the place has been out of use but it has been completely stripped. A lot has suffered fire damage probably caused by cooking fires of ileagal imagrent workers who have been sleeping there. I went ill equipped with only my phone for a torch and my camera, fortunately the adjacent site spills a lot of working light into the hospital area. The buildings are formed as a 4 sided square around a large garden area. When built it had no air conditioning so apart from the remains of a few through window units all the ventilation was natural. Navigation was easy but photography very difficult as I had no tripod and the exposures are almost all1 second at f2,8 in my Cannon S70. As I was solo I was keeping a very low profile trying to be as quiet as possible but there were hundreds of empty plastic water bottles arouns that make a hell of a noise when stepped on.

Here are some piccies:


So this is the outside of the building

and this is a weird pump thing

A typical view out. I was a bit leary about using flash anywhere that it would be obvious outside. Photography is not a big thing in Muslim countries and the history of fires in the place made the idea of flashes from inside the building a bit too attractive to the authorities

A view into the quadrangle. It is pretty difficult capturing the darkness in photos

another spookier view into the quad

Yes that is what you think inside the door! I didn't see it until I was nearly on it! I took this with flash and have tried to adjust it to get the sense of darkness.

I had to check it was empty!

Obligatory corridor shot, this does get the sense of darkness well!

More pictures later and I hope to make a daylight visit if not this trip next time I am in Kuwait

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