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Report - - Fairfield Asylum - 09\05\06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Fairfield Asylum - 09\05\06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
DK, Alias and meself.

I scored a new 'first'... having to be helped through a pathetically easy window thanks to some very very low grade clambering on my part (For my next trip I'll probably ask someone to give me a hand falling off a log. :rolleyes: )

After a bit getting wet at another site earlier, Alias said "well, at least we've got some dry asylum exploring next". Errr. Oh. Well, not at Fairfield. It really wasn't the best day for me to forget to put my proper boots on. So off we went for a splash around the place.

Not that I know much about asylums but I was impressed - especially by the halls. Great ironwork and a big sweeping bay window arrangement in the first. Then a very intact stage in the second. With Piano! Alias played a (very) short tune.

The canteen was a bit odd. It looked like it had been something else beforehand - another very grand hall - later divided up with a wall to create a seperate kitchen and eating area perhaps.

We did some other poking around. Up into one of the lofts, and down into one of the cellars. And then light was fading so we decided to bail.

Thanks to DK for finding and sharing, and Alias for inviting me along and doing various train station detours. And for turning Bob Dylan off in the car. ;) Cheers guys.

Pics to follow

Lots of nice doors like this... all slowly being "reclaimed" and piled up in one of the lower rooms.


Splash splash...


The roof is mid way being replaced. In this shot it might appear there is clear sky above, but it's actually a polythene (?) temporary roof.


Main hall. Luckily my photographic assistants cleared away some ugly netting before this shot. Err, well, I think they might have been making the effort to set up a decent shot for themselves, whilst I leeched in on their handywork. :)


There's something quite neat about the architecture of this. The way it has been designed with natural light in the upper roof section to illuminate the red ceiling area and give a natural "sight line" to the stage.
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