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Report - - Falmborough and Bridlington ROC Posts- Yorkshire Group- 04.06.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Falmborough and Bridlington ROC Posts- Yorkshire Group- 04.06.07

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Went for a trip out today seen as it was the dogs Birthday (ok rib me for it I dont care) but went to find 3 ROC posts.

Went to the Bridlington and Flamborough posts.

Firstly Flamborough. Completely overgrown and full to the top with rubble, didnt open it or get near enough to it really as it is now in a conservation area (Ted the local told me this as I was climbing over the gate to get to it.



As you can see its pretty much overgrown with nettles, me with shorts wasnt going near it :gay


So that is the end of Flamborough I suppose!

Next Bridlington.

Right at the side of the road in a grazing field for sheep, right at the side of a layby. Looks pretty good.



Lots of the original features still intact.


Still got the copper earthing on the vent thing, Aeriel mount and a pipe that I assumed is for the telephone wire, the telegraph poles are gone.


The hatch is held down with one of the concrete boundary fench poles.


However once removed, the hatch springs open, but it will not come up :( unless I am just a weak bugger, going back in a couple of weeks with some WD40 and my mate (who might be a bit thick but he can lift heavy stuff) and maybe we can go in... I will keep you posted.

As I said at the beginning I was visiting 3 posts, the last one appropriatley named Birdsall eluded me, I now know that it is only called Birdsall because its nearest exchange is in that village.. Bummer! Next time though, now I know where it is..