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Report - - Farley Building, Millbay, Plymouth Jan '08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Farley Building, Millbay, Plymouth Jan '08

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28DL Full Member
Farley's Health Products Ltd, Plymouth [1893-1972] If anyone has more history on this one please let me know! :)

It was an early start, we need to be ‘on site‘ before sun up. We met at the rendezvous at 07:00 and started our short walk of about 4 mins to the building.
This would be my first Urban Exploration experience!

It was heavy with typical Plymouth mist, which hung in the air like film! The building came in to view from the mist and looked very sinister to say the least.


Scotty had surveyed the building at least twice before during the week so he knew good entry and exit points.

Good news, solid concrete floors would help with the safety aspect. After I got in we proceeded up the metal spiral staircase to the second floor to be greeted with pretty much the floor full of Farley baby cereal tins stacked neatly. These were opened, unused tins, which appeared ready to fill and ship out.



We moved to the back of the 2nd floor to find a huge pile of tins thrown in a pile. There was some order here though with colours being separate.



Next floor up we go. This one was filled with what appeared to be rubbish. Of course on closer inspection there was a toboggan (how random), some chairs (comfy sofa types – missing cushions) and number plates of the models of old Ford cars. Scotty found a lovely brochure offering various Ford and Motorcraft items which one could purchase, in the late 80’s/early 90’s.







Next floor up and we were met with more Farley cans. Ah, there is the other Sofa chair to match the others on the second floor. Phew.



Roof time now, and what great views. Mist had cleared a bit and it was getting fairly light now. A few panoramic pics of Plymouth and no sooner we did that the mist started again.



We checked out a couple of lift motor rooms finding various machinery and a full intact lift motor, cable still in place.
There were two lift shafts in this building. One lift had been removed, the other still in-situ.
Very random item was a half empty bottle of mineral water.



Ah, there are the cushions for the sofas we have been seeing. Complete set!


Time to exit now. Getting pretty light and Plymouth would be waking up soon.

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