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Report - Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke October 2011


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Ferrier was constructed by the London Borough of Greenwich on an old brownfield site to the east of Blackheath. The Ferrier Estate was built on two sites. Site A, approved in 1967, consisted of five 12-storey towers (Clegg, Crozier, Goldmark, Leclair and Sala Houses). Site B, approved in 1970, consists of six 12-storey towers (Felton, Ronald, Stainer, Standish, Sterling and Wixom Houses).

The estate was built using a system of concrete panels, usually manufactured on site rather like the Thamesmead estate in order to enable buildings to be erected quickly.

I find brutalist architecture very iconic to England, for me it represents decline very well which is how I feel about this county, most things are in decline, the poor to rich gap is getting ever greater, with not much chance of change. Council estates sum this up in one gigantic housing project where problems can be hidden away and ignored.



The estate is a maze of half demolished buildings, gutted & boarded flats and even still some residents living in a derelict estate. The whole estate is very regular and its easy to lose a sense of direction. In the main square, it literally did feel like you were in an apocalytic sceneraio if not for the few cars parked up.


Local plod turned up and were surpisingly friendly. Just doing checks we were not out for some copper or plant. One cop even gave us a little history, and then they went off for a walk.


There were 12 towers in total with about 2 still being used. One secured tower, was accessible although you could not do it in a rush. So I had a look inside with a hope of reaching the roof, but was put off by distant voices and strange noises seeming to be coming from above, although the lifts still worked. With the risk of not having a clue who it could be I decided not to bother.




It is a stark contrast on the drive out of the estate that you pass the new homes being built. Cuboid architectulally pleasing designs, with floor to ceiling glass doors, opening onto a balcony facing the lake as the sun shimmers across the water, where the ducks and swans swim.

How will these estates hold up in 20 years? will the same decline happen again? How will poorer people get onto the property ladder?


Just so its clear, these photos have not even been into photoshop. I use some old school hoya screw on filters.
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