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Fields of Deception: Britain's Bombing Decoys of WW2

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Fields of Deception: Britain's Bombing Decoys of WW2 (Hardcover)
by Colin Dobinson

# Hardcover: 320 pages
# Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd (7 Sep 2000)
# Language English
# ISBN: 0413745708


During World War II, a secret department was formed within Britain's Air Ministry. It co-ordinated a strategy to defeat German bombing using deception. With the help of leading technicians from the film industry, ingeniously designed decoy towns, airfields and military bases were built throughout the UK. This work presents a detailed study of these bombing decoys, both at war - through their design, patterning and operations - and at peace - through their fragmentory survival as enigmatic features of the modern landscape. The book has been compiled in support of English Heritage's initiatives to study and preserve Britain's wartime remains.

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I have this, it's an excellent book although very specific and in depth. We have turned up quite a few of the control shelters for the decoy sites without realising...


terrific book, kept me going for more than 2 years. There is another book in the same series on WW2 AA, and one due on Radar, which may, or may not be published.

Out in paperback soon (I believe).


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28DL Full Member
Wings Across the Border-Vol 3 by Derrick Pratt and Mike Grant is an outstanding book with extensive coverage of decoy and deception sites and a picture of a starfish site in action.
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