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firbeck colliery the last visit


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firbeck colliery has been done many times by many explorers but now its time for a final update
the explore was done today en route to pick up a dog crate from a local seller i couldnt get any further than the path to langold woods as there is security fencing everywhere and it looks like part of the site is being readied for the builders moving in.
the site has been derelict or semi derelict for the last 20 years there where a few busineses on the site the brick works in the former workshops AJ,s car breakers had the old bathhouse and a yard further down and manual contact who had the former offices a wholesale pallet returned goods seller who didnt last long and a coach operator with a shed around the back of the old winding house and a haulage firm with a yard opposite the old winding house
the coach & haulage operators left AJ was killed on a recovery job on the woodhead and manual contact shut up shop leaving the brick works and langold motor breakers who took over A.J,S former yard.
this state of affairs continued for around another 6 or 7 years untill the site was bought by keepmoat homes from doncaster to be turned into one of those rabbit hutch estates that keep popping up everywhere.
the demo men moved in at the begining of 2021 and now everything has gone even the trees and my final visit shows the remains of the site.
but first the potted history which you probably know well...
firbeck colliery nr langold notts was sunk in 1923 and was closed in 1968 as an unproductive pit the men being transfered to the nearby collieries of manton,dinnington,maltby,thurcroft,shireoaks,harworth or rossington collieries which have themselves now long since gone...
and now the pictures i couldnt find my original post so thanks and credit to hugie DW & ajw guest for the past pictures the present are my own.

then...looking towards doncaster road the former bath house buildings stand derelict


another view of the old bathouse this was AJ,S autobreakers office and parts store

now looking towards the former colliery in the opposite direction the entire site has been cleared and yes thats my old jallopy

the bath house and other buildings are just a pile of rubble

the overgrown former offices of manual contact ...wasnt he a spaniard,,, awaits the demolition men

now just a memory the original retaining wall to the right survives as firbecks only legacy

the former winding house awaits its turn for demolition

this was as far as i could go the white van on the left was a nosy security man an immigrant who was probably on £8 or £9 an hour

the batteries on the camera gave up the ghost at this point so i,ll leave you with a vintage shot from my original firbeck railway branch thread
of 63647 shunting empty coal trucks in firbeck colliery sidings while a red trent bus passes overhead en route to worksop
the building on the right is langold hill top WMC and still stands and open today but has had a few structual changes



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Interesting to see now it's gone. Did anyone ever see inside the old colliery workshops that were used by the concrete firm? They were still in use last time i was there.

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Nice update, shame more houses are taking its place as usual.

But this section is a memorial section for members who have died.
Not for forgotten buildings, easy mistake to make. Im surprised no one has mentioned it.

I think we should have a gone section for buildings too though.