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Report - - Foxenden Quarry deep shelter, Guildford 14/10/08 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Foxenden Quarry deep shelter, Guildford 14/10/08

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Visited here yesterday with Hydra.

My friend emailed Guildford Council around two weeks asking if there was a chance they could show two (amateur) photographers :) the shelter which is located under the York Road Carpark in Guildford. They gave a quick response, which was nice, and arranged for us to visit as part of some day they had showing other visitors round.

Got a full guided tour of the place, and they let us have the best part of an hour wanering around taking snaps once everyone else had gone.Not an explore as such, but who cares. Its quite a minter and needs to be seen :)

Some history...
"Foxenden Quarry deep shelter was built around 1941, and could accomodate 1000 people with bunks, lighting, ventilation, sanitation, a shelter marshals office and first aid point. An additional tunnel was also constructed which, if extended could add capacity for a further 2,500 people.
In 1944, the Emergency committee decided that the shelter was no longer needed, and it was closed and abandoned at the end of the second world war."... Thanks G'ford BC :thumb

Some photos...







More can be seen at:
Foxenden quarry deep shelter, Guildford.

I have a map of the place as well which i'll whack up if anyones interested

Cheers ;)