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Report - Fridriksberg Pappersbruk Sweden October 2011


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Visited with Femaxer

This place is beautiful beyond words expecially the garden room. in addition to the random Volvo we also found 2 microlight aircraft and a caravan :)

Thursday, 22 June 1972, the day before midsummer, halted operations at the paper mill in Frederiksberg. They had struggled with profitability problems for a long time, and nothing could longer save the factory from the inevitable end. The number of employees was then 150 people.

As early as the 1950s, the paper mill in Frederiksberg been increasingly difficult to compete when the new and modern factories opened its doors in both Sweden and abroad. New standard measure of the industry also made that the products from Frederiksberg no longer fit. Big plans were to equip the plant with new and larger machines, and some parts of manufacturing were also in preparation for this expansion. But water availability was limited, and the owners decided instead to invest that money elsewhere.

Great efforts were made to bring new businesses to settle in Frederiksberg, but the campaigns were more or less inconclusive. The only compensation industry that we now can see the traces of the wall paper production that took place between 1973-81. Parts of this paper is papered with large floral creations in brown / yellow and blue / purple. Terrifying child of its time.

A couple of factory buildings was demolished in 1988, including the high acid tower during World War II was armed with an anti-aircraft gun for protection against possible air strikes.

The area is now cordoned off and abandoned in anticipation of the future.

Raptors nest in the large soda house, whose tropical greenhouse climate created an environment of mosses and ferns of pure sci-fi proportions. The green carpet that grows over the bottomless bog of rotting insulation suffocate slowly on rusty metal. Consume all that is synthesized. Crawls slowly across the floor and devours everything in its path. Giant spider moves among the shadows and strange echoes of fearsome mutant forms of life are mixed with the sounds of the cracked brick walls. The paper mill is indeed abandoned, but has not died. Rather it is more alive than ever.

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Garden room, the scale of this was amazing







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