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Report - Gala Bingo - Thurrock, Essex - April 2017


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History on this place is as rare as rocking horse shit by the looks of it.

From what i can find on the internet, the bingo hall closed on 9th March 2007 and the main fact of why it closed was because of the introduction of the smoking ban in confined places like pubs, clubs & restaurants etc.

The hall is located just next to the busy Lakeside shopping centre and retail park and was a prime location for the bingo hall.

There have been approved plans for the demolition of the site and new morrisons supermarket being built but no actual work has been done to start off this process.

The Explore

After spotting this place whilst tucking into a KFC from opposite the site on a Saturday afternoon, just after a swift trip to Ikea, i sent a message asking the guys if they knew what it was and if any of them had done it before, assuming it was some sort of gym because there was the letters saying 'Free Membership' written on the windows i wanted to take a nose, but after hearing it was an old bingo hall i really wanted to take a look! Especially as @slayaaaa had noted he'd tried it a few times but it was always locked up tight.

After already planning a trip the next day with @DRZ_Explorer to take a re-visit to Ashford in Kent to try and explore a school that we had failed in before (which we again failed in) we thought we should have a little look on the way back home after it had come up in conversation on the way there.

That evening after smashing a McDonalds we arrived at the hall, parked up and started walking around looking for any sort of entrance point, we got in and found our first hitch, the only way to get into the main hall was to walk round a very open entrance, and to make it worse there were 2 of Essex's finest Policemen sitting in the car park eating their dinner.


Drz went first and started to crawl on his hands and knees around the staircase and up to the main hall entrance whilst i sat at the bottom letting him know if there was any cars driving past.

After getting in we had a quick 5 min mooch and then went back to get our bags and tripods. As we left we heard the biggest crash! Turns out the ceiling had fallen down in the toilet! I knew Drz had explosive bowels but i didn't know it was that bad!

We spent about an hour and a half in there and it was a right laugh. Enjoy the pics

Explored With Drz_Explorer





















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Nice one man.. like this one. Shame there wasn't any light.

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if anyone was wondering the bingo place is still abandoned but the police are onto it and re-border it up every week so just watch out


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This place looks pretty cool and it’s only 15 minutes away from my house!

Do you know if it’s still there today?
Would love to explore this!


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This place looks pretty cool and it’s only 15 minutes away from my house!

Do you know if it’s still there today?
Would love to explore this!
I highly recommend traveling the 15 minutes and finding out for yourself! That's the best way to find out if it's accessible :)