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Report - Gala Casino, Gibraltar - January 2013


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Ok, where do I start with this one. I've had these photos sitting on my hard drive since January and couldn't be bothered editing them or doing a report since I had well over 200 photos from the whole trip. But finally got round to editing them and now doing a report :thumb.

Trying to find some history on this building has been a bitch to say the least. Done what I could and found a new news sources from Google news archives and put in the pictures from the newspaper and thrown the history together. It was the best I could do, sorry.


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The Gibraltar casino was first opened by German businessman Herman Heymann in 1961. Subsequently it was bought by Stakis, then by Ladbrokes and now by Hilton, all in relatively quick succession.
The casino includes both a casino games hall and bingo, and overlooks the bay of Gibraltar.

Images from two different newspapers regarding the opening of the casino from January 21st 1959:


My Visit

It started off just as an idea for me and my dad to go to Gibraltar for the weekend. Just as a break. He offered to pay for the flight and everything else so I thought why not.

Just out of interest I had a quick search on the t'internet for anything abandoned in Gibraltar. Due to me going a few times I already knew it was ram-packed with old military sites and everything else military related. But I wanted something different. After about half an hour digging I found news of this old abandoned casino and seen a few pictures of it. That was my mind made up and thought I'm having a bit of that.

So we got over to Gibraltar and did what lads do best. Got pissed, fucked about and god knows what ever else (most of it I can't remember ;)).
Then came the part that I'd been looking forward to, day before we were due to go home we headed up the Gibraltan rock where the casino sits and headed about trying to find an entrance. Was messing around for a while and then finally stumbled upon an access point.

We were in. Started to snap photos straight away and I wasn't let down at all. Sure it was a bit bare but I wasn't expecting to find what I did. All of the old slot machines battered and bruised and just left to rot (you can see the pictures of the ones I'm talking about down below).

Comes to about half an hour we were inside there and everything is going well, sun is shining, I'm doing what I love best (been a big kid) and dads got this great idea to try and recreate an Oasis style picture on the main stage. Been the true Manc from the Madchester age that he is.
So I just left him to it and got on with the pictures. Half way through I start to hear a few noises but just dismiss them as I think it's my dad trying to find a mic stand and what ever other shit he needs for this crazy idea of his.

By this point we were in there for a good hour and had well overstayed our welcome. Suddenly I got a rush of nerves for some reason and got a sudden case of the shits :D. I normally come prepared for a situation like this but not this time (god knows why). By some chance I happen to find a fresh roll of shit paper and started to do my business (had no idea or couldn't give a fuck for where my dad was at this point). Half way through I start to hear footsteps right above my head right as I'm in the middle of taking a dump. Started to hear the world "Holaa, Hola". It definitely wasn't my dad. I think to my self, if this security guard catches me now. What the fuck is he going to think!?

That moment passes and the security guard eventually pisses off and I finish what I'm doing. I scarecly had a look about and listened for any noises but there was absolutely nothing (no father either). So I carried on snapping pictures until I was happy and then got me and my shit out of there.

About an hour later got a phone call off my dad saying he was at a pub at the end of the street. He told me he seen the security guard and fucked off as soon as he saw him (thanks dad).

Why can my explores never go normal :rolleyes:.

On with the pictures:






















The once luxurious poker table :(.



And just for the lol of it