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Report - - Gales Brewery - Horndean - June 2011 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Gales Brewery - Horndean - June 2011

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Visited by myself and MFFP back in June. We spent an hour walking from the train station to get there and managed to get into the storage, etc. on the other side of the road!

Gales Brewery was an old brewery situated in Horndean, near Portsmouth in Hampshire. It made the nutty HSB (Horndean Special Bitter) and the newer Gales Bitter. It took its water from its own well situated under the brewery which is fed from the South Downs, and the yeast and 'liquor' (local water used for brewing), coupled with the local brewing style, produce beers with a sparse head, quite dark in colour.
In late 2005 Fuller's Brewery bought Gales for £91.8 million. It raised fears as to the future of Gales' Horndean brewery and some of its beers, and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) launched a campaign to encourage Fullers to continue production of the full Gales line at Horndean. However, in January 2006, Fuller's began cutting jobs at the Horndean brewery, and it was announced on 27 February 2006 that the brewery would close at the end of March 2006, although distribution and warehousing would continue in the area.

The proposed plans below have been approved. So a final farewell to Gales Ales, it was a pleasure getting messed up on your ales,

This Statement is in support of a planning application for the Former Gales’Brewery site, London Road, Horndean.

• Demolition of existing brewery buildings (excluding brewery tower) and
other structures;
• Demolition of storage & distribution buildings associated with the former
• Demolition of offices in buildings known as 'Southfield' and 10 London
• Demolition of No.s 5,7 & 9 London Road;
• Erection of 73 dwellings (4 x 4-bed, 23 x 3-bed, 39x 2-bed & 7 x 1-bed);
• Erection of 60-bed care home and ancillary development (to include the
change of use of the existing brewery tower);
• Erection of new retail unit (350sq.m gfa);
• Erection of building for new D1 surgery;
• Conversion of retained part of Nash Hall to community facility;
• Change of use of 17 London Road to B1(a) offices;
• Change of use of former Clubhouse to commercial uses; and
• Associated parking, boundary treatment, landscaping, access (including ramps and steps) and environmental / highway improvements

1.2 The existing residential unit within 15 London Road will be retained.

PART 1; The other side of the road.


The view of the brewery from the other side of the road.


The first little room that we went into looked as though it was a loading bay or something as there was room for a lorry to easily fit into it. But instead of a lorry, we found an ice cream cart, a walking frame, an umbrella and a box full of glasses.


There was a shed around the back of the loading bays which had at least 100 bottles of alcohol in them, all in crates of about 16. (With a few missing.) On the floor, I found something that should have been on a fire extinguisher!



Mat and I climbed through a small hole to get to a huge room filled with... Junk. There were a couple of chairs, more alcohol, plaques, etc.


Mat had a rummage around and found this!


I saw this on the wall and wondered why it needed to be there... Then I realised that alcohol is flammable. xD


Across the road was a fuel pump. Mat failed to see the beauty in the number that was half turned. I, however, did.


We found a Foster's beer pump just tossed aside.

PART 2; The Brewery.


There was a purple bin outside. I fell in love instantly.



There were doors inside a few floors up. Probably where they craned stuff over from the other side.


A view from the roof to the ground.


The side of the 'chimney' from the roof.

I plan to return with MFFP and see if we can uncover more!

Thank you;

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