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Report - Geever Tin Mine

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Geever was one of the larger cornish tin mines still in operation by the end of the 1980's. When it closed it was turned into a museum.

I think things like this becoming a museum is a great idea, and it even boasts an underground tour. But as usual everything is not as it seems.
Firstly it costs 7.50 admission, which I thought was very steep, esp after the place has recieved lottery money. How was this money spent? Preservation? Nope, a copy of an old headstock being built of timber. That would be great if the original headstock was not in a severe state of neglect. We climbed the stock in thick fog, (hence the very poor pictures) and let me tell you the iron work is in terrible state. The headsotck is in dire ned of a coat of paint, if not just to slow the decay down. Still, what do I know about running a museum:confused:

We did not pay but turned up the next moring for a few snaps of the stock. Do not believe what the people there say about Geever being the last place tin was mined in cornall... it is being mined as I write this at the near by South Crofty site.

The small headstock looks poxy, but it was a sod to climbin the wet. As the wood has not been treated it is going rotten already at the top as can be seen in the pictures, so it will share a fate with the other headstock on the site eventually:rolleyes:












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Re: Geever Tin Mine REPORT

epicly shit pictures ahoy mate....but we did it...:thumb

here's my efforts..not that they are any good mind you...




turk ;)