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Report - - Goat Maltings, Burton on Trent - 15\03\06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Goat Maltings, Burton on Trent - 15\03\06

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Goat maltings is a huge and very imposing building. the most impressive feature is the large octagonal malthouse, with a large model goat as the sail. Inside is almost completley unchanged from new. The building's bottom floor is used by an animal feed company... but only for three more weeks, and then our old mate Bovis steps in. Its a real pity as the inside of the building has so much character.

On arrival I asked for permission to go in the building, as I had done on my last visit. Last time I was escorted round, and not allowed in the dangerous parts. This time the woman said... do what you want, take what you want, I dont give a flying fuck! People get so care free when they are loosing their jobs!
Much of the original steam power equipment remains in place. As with most factories, large gears and belts ran off a single spinning axle driven by a central engine. The steam boilers are still in place. There are some fantastic staircases and ladders in place it is a really fun place to explore. I hope to return when it is closed completley.

Oh and before you ask... I tried to climb the ladder up the main malthouse, with the intention to touch the goat, but the ladder started 20 foot up, and there was nothing to climb on:(




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