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Report - Goldeneye T-55 Tank

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28DL Full Member
Spotted this in a field the other week, thought I'd take a look.

This was a permission job, the owner was only too happy for me to take a look but keeps it very secure so DON'T go up there.


This is the tank used in the Goldeneye bond film (in my view the best one). Its a Russian T55 Main Battle Tank, had several modifications made for the movie which included changing the original steel tracks to Chieftain tracks with rubber pads so it could be driven on the road, reactive armour was added to make the vehicle look like a modern day Tank. The running gear and engines are Chieftain as the tank was not able to do the speeds needed to get it to skid like it does in the film.




Tank commanders seat


Loaders position


Drivers seat

The tank was also used in Die Another Day, Richard the third, Red Dwarf and Extras.


Its going to be for sale soon so if you have room on your drive....


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Mateys told you a bunch of nonsense there I’m afraid. That’s not a T55 . That’s a cheiftan made to look like a T55 !
Loads of give always. Google the two if you don’t believe me. Just for starters the cheiftan is much bigger and heavier.

That is 100 % a cheiftan tank.

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It's a Chieftain alright, had this one pinned when I was living in Windsor a couple of years ago, not giving out the location mind for the owners sake.

Edit: Providing it's the same tank of course haha! Just noticed this is a 2007 report... Never sold? Or moved to new location maybe?

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