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Report - Grand Moorish Castle, Italy – July, 2012


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28DL Full Member
Found pictures of this castle after randomly spending time at work looking at other people’s exploring sites. Saw this and my jaw dropped. I had to get there. How can somewhere like this be abandoned?!

Researching the place, I found that building started in the 17th century. I’ve read that a major hotel chain are going to turn it into a luxury resort starting in 2011, but there were no sign there when I visited. My guess is the recession in Italy and the Euro crisis is impacting development. A part of me is glad as I got to see parts of it but also if it’s a hotel they’ll preserve this beauty.

Unfortunately I did not have time to take many pictures. Arrived and got in ok and was taking several pictures for HDR with my tripod when I heard a door being slammed on the same floor in the distant.

I thought, ok it’s just the wind. Then the slamming was randomly around the same floor but I heard no footsteps or anything. I thought, ‘security!' and decided to stop taking pictures and either get out of there or to spot him. But as the place is bloody dark, I thought best make a discreet exit.

This place is a bloody maze, but walking around, trying to get out I saw the beauty of this place that only these few pictures can show. Next time, I’ll take a point and shoot as back up and use that instead of an noisy Canon SLR on a quick exit – at least I would have had more pictures to show you guys! When exiting I saw no sign of security and there was no way in except the way I came in……so there you have it only a few pictures of this wonderful place.

I will definitely try again to view this whole place in its entirety when there in the next weeks when I’m close by doing a language course.