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Video Report - - Smallcleugh Lead Mine Grand Tour | Mines and Quarries |

Video Report - Smallcleugh Lead Mine Grand Tour

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Smallcleugh is an abandoned lead mine near at Nenthead, Cumbria. It iwas started around 1770 but was soon abandoned. In 1787 the work was re-started by an agent of the London Lead Company across the Smallcleugh Cross Vein, which produced an immense amount of lead ore. Notably, the mines in this area tend to contain large 'flats, which are huge areas of lead ore that, instead of following a vein, are expansive flat areas. In one in Smallcleugh, known since as the Ballroom Flat, a dinner party for 28 people was held by the local Masonic Lodge in 1901. The mine was finished by the end of the 1900s but re-opened briefly in 1963 but little mining was done.

Below the pictures, you will find 2 x videos, in the first one, we look at the main flats, going across to near where it drops down to Rampgill then following along, via the mini ballroom to the main ballroom, looking at many of the features. In the 2nd video, we continue from Gypsum Junction along Cowshill Vein and look at the enormous flats and the stopes further along, one of which is narrow and extremely tall, the other of which has the 'bridge of doom'. Coming soon will be other parts where we show you even deeper into the mine.









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Great photos. I may even watch the video. Which is rare for me tbh. Good job :thumb