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Report - - Great Barr Idiot Colony (St Margerets) 08.01.06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Great Barr Idiot Colony (St Margerets) 08.01.06

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After a heavy few weeks, I decided against a full blown explore, however we decided to take a wander over to great barr to check out St margerets again, to fully see the place, get good pictures and to check on security situation.

The place now has NO security...there used to be a guard and alsations, however today we noticed that they were not on site, and the portakabin looked very "un-used".

Here are a few pictures, if your in the area definately check this place out, its trashed, however its such a unique location, It has a main hall, engineering, V.stubby water tower, clock tower, and is also Home to Great Barr Hall...


(main "courtyard" area)


(main hall)


(burnt out ward block spiral stair)


(dilapidated ward block)




(great barr hall "chapel style" billiard hall)


(main hall in great barr, huge staircase room...)


(how could the government allow this to happen to such a wonderful building?)

The site has been acquired for building firm "bovis" and they are to demolish all buildings apart from the great hall, and they are to renovate this in the future. The colony is of a villa style set in huge parkland, this is soon going to be home to 700 "luxury" homes and apartments...

if your in the area, visit this place before its gone..

turk ;)


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Re: Great Barr Idiot Colony (St Margerets) VISIT 08.01.06

Some now and then pics of Great Barr Hall. The old pictures are from urbex (Thanks Simon). I went last summer to take the same view today.
The interior hall shot really does it for me, how could anyone let that staircase be destroyed?

The bottom pic shows the bits the NHS chibbled off the hall marked in red.
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