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Video Report - Great Northern Railway Warehouse


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Hey guys, Only a short report seeing as I am new here.. but here goes!
So, for a while now I have travelled past this warehouse ever since I was a child up til now. It has only been this past week I decided to explore the area despite the bad reputation it has been given.

The building itself is a Grade: II listed building, and was built back in 1857 as a corn warehouse. The building over time got sold off too the Nottingham City Council, but fire gutted the building in 1998. Since being sold off again, the owner swore to revamp the building, but arson attacks in 2000 prevented that. In 2005 2 Female bodies were found in the building, which eventually began to give the building a bad reputation. With the fact it is Grade: II listed, demolition is not an option, so the nature is now taking its course.

So, I ended up venturing with three friends as company because this place seriously is a no go zone if exploring alone. It is occupied by drug and alcohol uses, and is a frequent shelter for the homeless. The site is pretty big and has so many places to explore. You will encounter fellow Urbexers and curious kids, often messing around and destroying the place.
Unfortunately I didn't get time to explore the front end of the building due to not knowing where the entrance (way in) was. Have said that, today I managed to find out from a friend where the way in was and it was a prettttty tiny gap. I have taken a few still shots which I shall upload some day soon, but for now enjoy the video I made in the actual warehouse it's self.

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Cheers! :thumb