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Report - Grosvenor Hotel, Sheffield - Nov 2016

The Artful Dodger

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Not going to dive into the history as I know many have already posted this site several times and mainly due to the sad news below. I Decided to detour after work today and check out a potential access after a tip off from a instagram user who visited a few weeks back.
Unfortunately it was a no go, it would seem demo of the building is on full go ahead with the streets blocked off and a bit of heavy mech and workmen on site :banghead

Took a couple of shots of the graffiti alongside to give this report something other than what is probably the final days of Grosvenor Hotel. Sad times, gutted not to have covered this one especially after seeing what views the top has to offer from others on here.





Thanks for reading guys, hope to get out over the weekend for some more promising stuff.
Anyone looking to collab hit me up :thumb

Peace, Arty D


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Apart from losing a Sheffield high vantage point, what's sad about losing this trashed Derp or those alongside it ??

They could set 6 Cat D10s going in a line and tidy the whole area up instead of pissing about like they've done for the last few years

The Artful Dodger

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Only that I won't have seen it is all Acid, I agree it has been a long time coming and ofcourse I'm looking forward to whatever they add to the urban scene in it's place. Hopefully something with ever more height.

Mr Hobson

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28DL Member
Ahh no way really Kaplan? Was hoping for more. Loved your stuff from velocity last week, really want to shoot some high rise stuff over the city.

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