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Report - - Guiseley ROC Post - Yorkshire Group - 03.02.08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Guiseley ROC Post - Yorkshire Group - 03.02.08

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Visited with Dweeb and Mrs Dweeb.

Locked with original battleship padlocks, and looks in very decent condition from the external features. It stands next to what I imagine to be the original aircraft post. Although it doesnt take the image of a normal orlit post.

It was so cold walking up the hill to this post, I thought my eyes were going to freeze over...NOT GOOD.

**EDIT** Dweeb was even more unhappy, considering he cracked through the ice on a big puddle on the picture below hence his less than conventional pose.



turk ;)
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Re: Guiseley ROC Post - Yorkshire - 03.02.08 - Report

Aircraft post similar to the Brassington one. You could live in there!