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Report - Hall Green Greyhound Stadium. Birmingham. 11/17


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Hall Green Dogs........
Hall Green Greyhound stadium is located on York Road , Hall Green, Birmingham. It saw its last race in July 2017 and is set to be demolished to make way for 200+ new houses. The sand covered track is 412 m long and the stadium holds a capacity of between 2500 and 3000 .


Bit of history.......................
The Greyhound Racing Association bought the plot of land, originally known as the Olympia Sports Ground, and the Hall Green stadium was opened on 24th August 1927. It was the first Greyhound racing track to be opened in the city. Facilities at the time included the main stand and stands on the opposite Side of the track. The stadium also hosted speedway races between 1928 ans 1938.
Investment in the stadium in 1970 saw the track become one of the major provisionals in the country and £750,000 was spent on the clubhouse and a new electronic tote board was built. In 1981 the track was changed to its present all sand surface replacing the grass straights , under-soil heating was also installed. In 1987 a snooker club was introduced and in 1989 the hotel "The Lodge" was built.
Fast forward to the present day and the last race meeting was held at Hall Green on the 29th July 2017 Planning permission was granted to the sites owner (Euro property investments) to demolish the stadium and the 48 room hotel to build 210 new houses on the land.

The explore..................
On leaving the site, i was told by a local resident that demolition should have been completed (or at least started) by now, but is being held up by the still live mobile phone masts on site.

On arriving at the site i was expecting a bit of a challenge getting into the buildings, but upon looking over a fence we saw 3 figures running off on one of the higher floors... game on :-)
Access to the main stand was pretty straightforward and we were greeted by the most amount of intact beer glasses iv ever seen in an abandoned building. It is starting to show signs of traffic with smashed glass panels and a broken water pipe somewhere making a racket and causing a layer of water about 5mm deep to slowly creep across the carpets.
Theres still a lot to see here but im not sure how much longer itll last . We did get into the hotel but it was just corridors of locked doors and everywhere was soaked and moldy. . The local resident i spoke to told me that there are squatters living in the hotel (explains why i saw condensation on random windows from the outside) and that copper thieves are becoming a problem with the police having to visit the site frequently.
All in all, a decent 2 hour mooch and well worth a little look if you're ever in the area.

On to the pics.. theres a few of them lol


















A couple from the roof.......




Signage .......









Thanx for lookin :-)


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28DL Full Member
Just checked this place out, pretty easy to get in. It's changed alot from the photos above. All the Glass and glass wall partitions are broken. I'll try and get some updated photos as there is another 2 buildings that are related to this on the same land(around the race track)

There is also an old Hotel that's next door and is closed down but we got in easily again. Next time I go I'll get some photos of the place and upload it. It's like all broken down inside and falling apart but a little scary at night with loads of open hotel doors....



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Yeah, I have some other spots that's not on this site yet. I'll post a report of them soon.

Ethan Fitzpatrick

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Its all boarded up now around the entire site, new gates by the hotel entrance and new locks on the main gate. They have a security bod sat outside as well. Think theyve finally decided to start the demo on it soon enough

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