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Report - Harperbury Hospital, Radlett - June 2018

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the explorer

when i started urban expolering all i know was it was a huge Lunatic Asylum and the photos
i saw looked lovey and when i was told i was going to go and vista this loaction i was well excited
because it was going to my biggest Hospital / asylum was there for 3 hours or more

i will upload my youtube video link sometime in a comment


Kingsley Green is a mental health and learning disability site located in Hertfordshire, England, just southeast of the village of London Colney.

Located on Harper Lane, Shenley, the facility was known as Harperbury Hospital for 61 years and has been a fixture of the area's mental health scene since 1928. It had two sister institutions, Shenley Hospital and Napsbury Hospital, within a few miles of its location. A scaling down process began in the 1970s, and resulted in many of the old hospital's buildings becoming abandoned. By late 2001 Harperbury had only about 200 patients and the hospital was officially closed.

The new Kingsley Green mental health facility opened on the site in May 2009.

In 1948 Middlesex Colony passed from control of the county council to control of the National Health Service. Eventually the territory around the institution fell under the jurisdiction of Hertfordshire County. Two years later the institution was renamed Harperbury Hospital. During the 1950s Harperbury had 1,464 beds. An annex at Hemel Hempstead had thirty more beds. The 1950s saw continued expansion at Harperbury. Four more patient villas were built, as was a residence home for male nurses. A department of clinical psychology was established to better assess mental handicaps. The school for pediatric patients was enlarged and an indoor swimming pool was built.

In 1960 a cerebral palsy unit opened at Harperbury. It provided services to mental health units throughout the area, as well as at Harperbury ] When Minister of Health Enoch Powellvisited in 1961, he questioned the future role of large mental hospitals. Overcrowding at Harperbury was becoming a problem. By 1964 severe overcrowding had become severe. The hospital was then intended to accommodate 1,354 patients, but in fact had 1,587 patients. Beds were packed so tightly together, that sometimes nurses had problems reaching patients who needed emergency care.

Work has started at the former Harperbury Hospital site, between Radlett and London Colney, where developer Bloor Homes is to build 206 new homes. The mental health hospital was effectively closed in 2001 and the buildings have been in steady decline ever since, due to the ravages of time and weather, as well as episodes of vandalism and theft. The new properties will range from one to five bedroom houses, with a provision for 72 affordable homes available under shared ownership schemes. As part of the development Bloor Homes will contribute £1.4 million to local healthcare provision, education and leisure facilities, and transport infrastructure.

























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I call bullshit!
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I thought this had all gone by June last year? This is probably the last set we’ll see anyway so good effort.

Your title should read Harperbury Hospital though. As your history says, initially it was Hangers Certified Institution, then Middlesex Colony, then finally Harperbury Hospital.

It was never called either Mental or Asylum.