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Report - - Harrogates forgotten tunnel & WW2 Shelter | Underground Sites |

Report - Harrogates forgotten tunnel & WW2 Shelter

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A massive thanks to Ste Sqwasher for the tip off and generous offer of the lift for this trip. Cheers mate :thumb
I've wanted to get this Harrogate Brunswick tunnel after been bowled out on 2 previous occasions so i'm a happy bunny now :D
Brunswick tunnel has been abandoned an incredible 126 years, so long ago in fact there are no pictures of it in use. To make this an even better explore there is an abandoned WW2 air raid shelter built at the far end.

The cutting leading to the tunnel is a bit swampy to say the least :eek:




There's always an old oil drum in a tunnel.


First glimpse of the air raid section at the end of the tunnel.

Once through the door at the end of the tunnel we could survey the air raid shelter. A concrete floor had been laid with a 6' high brick lined wall linning the tunnel. Brick piers had been built to support a long wooden bench both sides of the tunnel. You can see the remains of 'cubicles in all four corners of the shelter, These appeared to have been make shift toilets. We had heard the walls had been white washed during the war years but we could see no evidence of this. This is the view looking back towards the tunnel entrance.

Looking up the stairs that lead out on to Leeds road and the shelter entrance

Nice stalagnites

Fuk u and 1848 portal stonework stand next to WW2 concrete and brick modifications.

Thats about as far as we can go folks!

There's more history, maps and piccies here
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that should make the anoraks amongst you happy :D

Cheers Ste! :thumb