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Report - Harvington Mill, Worcs - January 2022


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On the way home from some fabulous Northern sites, myself and @Dragon_Urbex headed West into Wales; tried Kimnel Hall; but ended up coming almost face to face with people working on site; it was a week day, so we cut our loses, Dragon wanted to see Denbigh, I hadn’t been for nine years and tbh didn’t think I would ever go again.

We spent a few hours at Denbigh, which was actually quite pleasant in the winter frosts to be honest, and very relaxed, despite patrols going on. It was now mid-afternoon and we had a huge drive back to Buckinghamshire; racking our brains on where to go next.

We headed down through Wales and back East to this rather nice, original mill. It was now frosty, and pitch black, a great combo for exploring! Dragon spent about half an hour finding a way in, and found one! He’s like a rocket, wish I had that energy!

We were inside, and exploring. The mill has clearly had some work done on it in the last couple of decades, but has sat for a long time. It was very dangerous because of the ice and the dark. I don’t like night time exploring, but we felt we should get another one in!

Half an hour or so inside, we were on our way back to Bucks, with one stop off at a Burger King. I had work at 8am the next day, so it was all a little rushed.

Harvington Mill is Located along the river Avon near to Evesham. It is a grade II listed building, and has been since July 1994. It originates from approx 1800; and in the early 1900s the original machinery was replaced and upgraded. It seems some restoration work was started possibly in the 1990s, but nothing went to fruition. The rusty scaffolding adorning it today is visible in a 2001 photo and seems to be starting to decay then as well.


2 minute exposure sadly wasn’t enough here. Time was of the essence.






Thanks for looking!

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I loved this, it's a gorgeous little mill. Just the lack of floors gave me the heebies, especially in the dark and whilst operating with a completely buggered torch that loved to randomly change setting or turn off and on. You captured this place very well. Lovely stuff.

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Lovely & rustic. Nice photos. What a day. I also wish I had that much energy. Im tired just reading yours & Dragons explores that day. Blimey. But huge well done :thumb

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