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Information - Headlamps Back in Aldi £2.99

The Kwan

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28DL Full Member
Headlamps in Aldi £2.99

Saw these today and they are almost an exact copy of the duracell one that I paid 10 sovs for.



Overtly Covert
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just been out and bought 2, (one as a backup) not bad, not super bright but enough if underground / fully boarded building
cheers for spotting


A Porky Prime Cut
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Overrated them P7's, there's at least one in Hyde Falls, what a twat of a day that was! Got a lot brighter stuff, a lot cheaper, since that incident.

Camera Shy

Old enough to know better
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Buy cheap buy twice comes to mind.
And no way is a P7 overrated, try dropping your chinese copy 40 feet from a quarry gantry or underwaterand for any length of time and see if it still works. Cheap chinese torches are very good for the money and I've got both, but if I was stuck in a hole and needed light I know which I'd rather have with me.


Love it!
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^ had no problems with my Chinese one apart from bad battery life ~ yes I know a slight contradiction

I've drowned and dropped my Chinese one but for 9 quid I can loose or break 3 first . . .


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28DL Full Member
i bought a snap on head torch from the carboot sale the other week and ive got cheap pound shop 1s that are brighter