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Report - Heblay/Conflans Quarry, France - Sept 14


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A little history
This network forms part of the extensive quarrying in the ÃŽle-de-France region. Formerly various networks of galleries that then were linked. The most famous amongst them is the English quarry which had been set up with electricity and is roped off forming a route for tourists. The beginning of the exploitation started in the middle of the 18th century (see the picture with the famous arch dated 1762, unique in ÃŽle de France), and the stone was used for many buildings throughout the ÃŽle-de-France, as well for the statues in Versailles castle.
Stone exploitation was slowly abandoned (end of 19th century) and the quarry was converted into a mushroom farm, evidence of which is obvious throughout the quarry with water pipes and electric lighting.
It finally closed for good in 1995.

Easiest entry ever. Walked in through the open door. There is an optional hard entry chatiere, which was good fun, but not necessary. We saw most of this network - skipped a couple of bits so we could get back to Paris for more kta stuff.

Visted with (kta names) Goblin, La Cigale and Tinkerbell.

Couple of handheld shots here, sorry for the less good quality of those.

On with the show:








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I'm very glad to see this. Google earth shows that hundreds of tonnes have been dumped in the main quarry entrances, and I would have assumed the 'other' entrance would have been sealed as well.