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Report - Hemerdon Mine - Return Visit - 25/6/10


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

The top pic's from last year, love coming up here, theres a weird stillness to the air and nature is slowly but surely claiming the place back as its own.
If you poke around in the undergrowth, theres all sorts of mysterious concrete structures. If you come in from the bottom end of the site take a left just after the stable
and check out the weird pond.(sorry didnt get a pic of it but id love to know what its for.)


Looks like there has been a bit of activity up here as one of the buildings has been repaired a bit and this one is now wide open.
This place had loads of crates of ore and rock samples.


getting close to sunset.


Its a giant concrete climbing frame!


Climbed up top to watch an awesome sunset.


Five minutes walk to the top end of this site for a wicked view of pretty much all of Plymouth and a spot of childish light grafiti!

Thanks for looking!

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