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Report - - Henbury High School, Macclesfield 09/11/07 | Other Sites |

Report - Henbury High School, Macclesfield 09/11/07

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28DL Member
Having seen all the recent reports of Henbury High and with not being out on a good explore for a while, the drive home from a late-shift provided all the excuses needed for a midnight wonder.

Henbury closed in July this year having been a comprehensive high school and sixth form for around 1,000 students.

The place is reasonably decent size and provided a couple of hours of exploration. Despite only closing several months ago and being overlooked on all sides by housing the amount of smashed glass is surprising. Finding an un-broken pane was an achievement and the wind and rain blowing though all the broken windows created more than a few “what was that” moments. Water and power were still on though, and the more adventurous explorer could have stopped for a half-time shower if desired.

The unplanned nature of the explore resulted in only the emergency maglite and camera being available. Although using the flash is not a good idea at midnight it was so dark the “look round first then take a few pics with flash on the way out” approach had to be used.

Arial view:

Despite being powered-up the Gardtec seems to have dropped the ball

One of the many corridors


Science lab

There were loads of displays still up all around the building, including many with pictures of staff and students on trips etc

A quick tinkle of the ivories revealed the piano to be ready for action

Changing Room


The water was still on (but very cold!)

There were several of these around the different parts of the school; this was entering the science block

All in all definitely worth a look if you are in the area but there is not much left in terms of equipment etc.
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