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Report - Hendre flurospar mine, wales, April 12

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Visited with Xan Asmodi, walsh and cunningcorgy.

History stolen shamelessly from Morrisey:thumb
Hendre Spar employed seven men below ground and ten men at the surface and was worked on six levels, originally accessed by a steep decline which is now flooded. Both Calcite and Fluorspar were mined, the mine was worked until 1981, when the adit was sealed.
Uses include glass making, as a flux in iron and steel making. It is also used in the chemical industry to make fluorine to add to drinking water and toothpaste. Fluorspar was also used to make chloro-fluorocarbons, which used to be used as aerosol propellants and in fridges and lenses for telescopes and other optical equipment.

Just a few shots from inside this fantastic mine.

inside the first level you come across this cart with no tracks.

some remaining tracks heading into a bit of a collapse

Deep underground is a multi tier system that is traversed by ladders and from top to bottom is quite a drop.

and from the bottom looking up


A flooded pathway that is apparently collapsed on the other side (thanks to AndyJ23uk for the info) because we didnt get across

Blue pool of flood water

The village people

Thanks for looking:thumb


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