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Report - High-level Bridge, Newcastle City Center 09/07/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Me, TheP, Stewy1984 and two others did the High-level bridge in Newcastle City Center last night. We didn't get exactly what we expected.

The plan was simple. We would climb onto the south west side of the bridge from the alleyway below one of the arches. We would take some shots whilst it was still light, get something to eat, and then get some good shots of the quayside at night. Apart from one security guard at the north end sitting in a cabin it should be a nice relaxed explore. I mean, it was a Sunday evening, no one would be working now and the bridge is covered with sheets so we couldn't be spotted by people below.

The bridge:

We met up at 8.30 at the Sage Music Centre carpark and headed straight down to where we would climb the bridge. Got onto the side of the bridge with no bother. I stuck my head through the railings only to spot a dude in a hard hat and boiler suit. Damn, why the hell are people working this late on a Sunday?

We decided to leave it until after sunset so we headed back over to the better side of the Tyne :p and followed each other round for a while before asking each other where we were going. "Where are we going exactly?". "Errr...I don't know, I was following you!"

Anyway, after much peeking through the gates on the north side whilst eating soggy chips coated in salt we decided to head back down. Everyone must have gone home now. It was 9.30 and getting dark.

TheP was straight up and in, just as the rest of us got up and were about to climb in, a party of workers marched passed us. They went up to the kebab shop up the road to get their daily fill of dog meat. We decided to wait in the alleyway until they went back to work so that they wouldn't cross our paths again. We stood there talking (extremely loudly in my case) about getting on the bridge until Stewy1984 spotted one of the workers sitting eating his kebab literally metres away from us in the alleyway!

Once he nicked off we all got up onto the bridge, our clumbsy whacking tripods off scaffolding and beams was well hidden under the clanging of heavy machinery.

We spend a short time taking photos from the west side of the bridge:




Then we spotted yet more workers:

We then moved to the east side where there was more cover from all the dudes wandering around. We just got over to the east and into the shadows before a group of workers all marched past us. This was not as relaxed as we had expected!

After taking alot of photos of the tyne and of the train tracks ontop of the bridge...


...Me, Stewy 1984, and one other decided to call it a night, leaving theP and his mate alone. Crossing back over the bridge we spotted a security guard right in front of us. Initially we were going to run but the bloke was running at us shouting. TBH he seemed more scared than we did. Because he was so scared we didn't bother running, turned round and altough he was still shouting, asked him if we could use the workmens' entrance and if he would show us the way. After talking to him he seemed more bothered that we were not wearing safety shoes and hi-viz than that we were on his bridge!

After having a talk with the guy and explaining we were just taking photos he seemed mildly interested and is going to help us organise an official trip onto the bridge. He gave me names of management people to ask, where the offices were located, and a time to come along for a proper visit. He told us what we should wear and even said he would try and sort out someone to show us round and let us see the work they were doing. This is my first experience of a site being willing to allow us on and I was very impressed with the man's attitude towards us.

As it seems they are doing work there 24/7 (they were still there at midnight) the oppurtunity he has given us is excellent as we'd never be able to get around the entire bridge without getting seen, there are cameras on the northern sections of the bridge to make this even more difficult. I'm delighted to meet such a helpful security guard who was willing to forgive us for being somewhere we shouldn't. He seemed to understand that we just wanted to take photos and that we didn't think we would ever be given permission. This is the first time a security guard has behaved like this for me and I am extremely appreciative of the help and advice he has given us.

So a night of relaxed photography on the bridge rather than a Sam Fisher-style stealthfest may still be in reach, this time on the right side of the law. :D

All in all, a brilliant night!


Re: REPORT: High-level Bridge, Newcastle City Center 09/07/07 (not what we expected!)

I didn't reolise there was a security guard that side, weird. Me and my brother in-law strolled out at about 1.30am and we weren't even keeping a low profile..

I remember just before you guys called it a night one of the workers were overheard on their radio saying they were going to shut the power off, suggesting to us that they were calling it a night, unfortunately though, you guys beat them to it, about a half hour after you guys left the strip lights went out leaving only the lights on the walk-way which seemed to be on a timer as they also turned out one after the other.. was quite spooky actually, just like out of a horror flick, lol.

Once the lights were out we decided to have 5 minutes to let the dust settle (so to speak) and then after that the place appeared desolate so we went about in the wide open using flash and torch light. We strolled at least 3/4 of the way though before deciding to turn back and head for the exit.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable night in my opinion, it was quite a buzz when the workers were passing, the danger of being caught etc..

Here's some of my pics..

the birdge itself

..the other end