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Report - HMS Bronington, Birkenhead 2011


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Visited with Rigsby last year when we ventured up north for a couple of days. We took in all the exciting stuff that Birkenhead had to offer and then went to mooch around near Manchester. We went to HMS Plymouth in the same night which I've already posted some pictures of not long after we did it. My photos of Bronington I thought were too awful to even warrant a report but since I'm having a spring clean, I had another look at them and with a bit of tweeking, they are sort of passable. Apologies though in advance.

Not that I condone swinging cats but well.......you can fill in the rest for yourselves. There was nothing to rest a tripod on and my torch just reflected bright light off the walls so I gave up in the end on the photos and just mooched around instead. As ships go, this is rather an exciting one! She was berthed in the Manchester Ship Canal for a while before being moved to Birkenhead where she now sits looking a bit forlorn and in need of some love. She's a ton-class minesweeper for ship fans out there......although if you like ships, you probably already knew that.





















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