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Report - Hong Kong- Water Catchment Tunnel 28th April


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28DL Full Member
First report, getting to grips with light painting so any advice welcome.

At a loose end earlier today so on a spur of the moment decided on a revisit to the water catchment tunnel I last checked out four years ago that runs the length of Hong Kong's largest Island, Lantau.

History: Back in the late 60's the British were building reservoirs at a feverish pace as HK's population skyrocketed. With a largely mountainous terrain one of the most effective methods of collecting water was to build 'Water Catchments' on a lower contour of the mountain that caught streamwater.

Lantau being divided by a 900 metre mountain range meant that a method was needed to get all the water from the North side of the island to the South which had a newly constructed reservoir. Henceforth a network of tunnels were commissioned.

The tunnels were largely constructed by blasting with only around 10% actually needing concrete lining. The base is lined however and was designed to be wide enough to drive a 10 ton lorry into. -This I witnessed on a previous visit and had to beat a very hasty retreat! :eek:

Given it's length and the fact only a trickle of water flows down the middle on a dry day I decided once again to bike it, in a Typhoon I have seen water pretty close to half way up the sides!
Anyway on with the pics...

Oh heck forget to check the weather forecast..

Pitch black in less than 2 minutes

Local bat population weren't to happy I woke them..

A grate directly under a stream 3km in 'catching water'


Light at the end of the tunnel


Last 200metres and back to round pipe with almost a foot of water at its middle