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Report - Hôpital du Coiffeur [FR] (Aug 2016)


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I'm a bit behind on the trip reports so here's the first of a few.

History (lifted from Wikipedia)
Hôpital du Coiffeur is a former convalescent facility, located at an altitude of 900 meters up a French mountain side. The site was selected in 1889 for its clean and fresh air, and protection from the wind. with work beginning in August 1889 under the direction of two architects Strasbourg, Brion and Beminger. In February 1893, the buildings were acquired by the Strasbourg Protestant deaconesses, that is their place of cure and holiday until August 1914. In 1920, the hôpital was bought by the Fund Employee Insurance, one of the social insurance funds of the time. Since then, the hôpital changed owners several times and undergoes transformations significantly altering its exterior and interior appearance, until finally closing in 2011. The building is currently for sale.

The place has gone downhill since the last photos posted on here. I heard that it was due to be demolished so visited with two non members. Site is mostly trashed and seems to have been used by the police for training judging by number of spent 9mm blank casings around. Latest information from a few weeks ago is that the access has been barricaded and PIR sensors now installed, attached to some very loud sirens, so not sure if any new photos will be coming from this location.







More here: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fr-hopital-du-coiffeur/