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Report - - HP Sauce Brewery, Birmingham - 08\07\07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - HP Sauce Brewery, Birmingham - 08\07\07

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Visited with OT, Rookinella & Sick

The end of an era for another one of the Birmingham greats. The truth is though, that by the look of the inside of this place it had been on the cards for some time. Peeling paint doesn't appen in a couple of months and some parts of this factory looked like they had been closed for more like five years.

Reports were that this place was empty, sure it had less artefacts than some others but more than made up for it in sheer character, variety and awesome smells.

We have had the pleasure to be in so many factories that were the cornerstones of the golden age of the British Empire, one thing that they have all given us is an amazing variety of exploring, this was no exception. From historic basements, concrete tunnels, modern industry up to roofs, towers and all kinds of mazes to navigate, this is one of my favourites. More than anything it's the spirit of the place, like Twyfords and Doulton, these products were taken around the globe as a symbol of England. I bet Frederick Gibson Garton will be spinning in his grave. :(

Let the quest for the secret recipe begin!

Up Here?

In Here?

Or here?


Great Windows!




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Amazing Conclusion to a great day. No Photoshop, the sky was great!
A bacon sandwich will never be the same again...

This visit was mainly brought to you by a broken tripod and ISO 400, probably best not to try that combination at home kids!

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