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Report - HSBC Rooftop, Manchester - March 2011


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with NickUK, Shadow_Play, HiddenShadow and 2 cyclists we picked up on our travels!

The history of this building has been covered a few times but to briefly summarise - Built between 1933 - 1935 it has been operated as a bank firstly for Midland bank and then taken over by HSBC. Jamie Oliver has apparently bought the place now and is turning it into some fancy restaurant.

We had a look downstairs but the vault was locked so we headed straight up to the roof.



I fired these 2 shots then last trains and 7am work starts were calling so we headed back down only for the group to get split up halfway down the stairs! After a bit of a scramble about NickUK reunited us with Shadow_Play and HiddenShadow and we were out after running past the security hut. Action man style leaps from scaffolding ensued and we were on our way!

Big thanks to the guys for showing me this, really appreciate it :)


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